Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reading a Book is Fun To Do...

Fun to do, to do, to do...

Especially when you can cuddle up with your best friend!

Leah and Monica love to lay side by side and 'read' their books.

Monica will often tell Leah what is going on in the pictures and make up a story to go with it.

Then Leah will take a turn and tell Monica in gibberish what is happening in her book.
I love that Monica sits there and goes, "Uh huh. Yeah, Leah! And then the puppy finds a frog!"

P.S. Leah's feet were wrapped up because we were trying to rehydrate her excema ridden skin there. We had a blood panel done and she has no food allergies. It's really excema and it looks like it's around to stay. Thankfully, we have a pediatrician who is personally concerned about Leah. She prescribed a topical steroid for Leah's skin and it has been working wonderfully. No more insane bandages here. Leah's feet were soft again within 3 days of using the stuff and we are just grateful for Dr. Millea!


Janalee said...

Excema's tough stuff! Kallyn get's really bad spots on her wrists and behind her knees. Thank goodness your little Leah doesn't have food allergies. Kallyn has a severe nut allergy, but the Doc's think it's her dog allergy that causes her outbreaks. Bummer! It seems like everyone in the neighborhood and apt building has dogs! My snippet of advice is keep her nails short so if she does scratch it takes longer to do a lot of damage so you have a longer chance of catching it and putting cream on it.

Conforti Family said...

I love these pics of the girls together! So sweet that they love eachother!