Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving with Matt and Elisha

I thought I'd get these pictures up before the official Halloween costume pictures, since we had so much fun!
Our carved pumpkins

Monica's pirate skull...thanks to Uncle Matt and Elisha who helped her carve her pumkin!

Ryan's witch

My Tinker Bell

Originally, when Matt took this picture Ryan had red eyes.
Unfortunately, I think he looks worse with the black eyes!

Uncle Matt helping to carve the pumpkin.
I'm not sure how we missed getting a pic of Elisha doing her part too.

After we were finished, Matt got some good pictures of our lighted pumpkins.

Matt took this sweet picture of Leah.

I was really trying not to make Tink's nose too big.

Ryan taking his time.

Matt- getting into the spirit of Halloween.

The girls love their aunty!

Leah kept "sneaking" pieces of the pumpkin.
I'm not sure what the draw was.

Finally, we had to do something with Leah's itty bitty pumpkin.

When I bought the Mickey, Monica looked at it and gasped, "Mom, what happened to Mickey?!" I told her he dressed up for Halloween as a vampire and she said, "Oh. I don't like vampires."
No Twilight for her!

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