Monday, October 19, 2009

Balloon Fiesta Fun - Part 1

We had a lot of fun the first weekend of the month. Our house was full and full of fun when Kris, Lonnie, Jodi, Jeff, Jesse, Hayley, Nick, Tricia, Dakota, Sailor and Tag all came to visit! We had a great weekend together. We went to see the balloons in the morning, down close to the park but not actually in the park. We have to remember the spot we went to because it was a pretty good one. I got a few good pictures of family, but unfortunately, except for the balloons I just wasn't thinking about taking pictures. We had so much fun with everyone and hope they come back next year. Especially since we bought tickets for the balloon glow and fireworks and they were a total bust. It was too windy and the pilots were afraid of burning their balloons because of the wind. What's that about? Just kidding. I'm sure they spend a lot of money on their balloons and burning them was the last thing they wanted to do. Then the fireworks still went off but it was like they were in slow motion. These are the gems I caught.

The girls had fun reading with their Aunt Jodi while Daddy went to pick up Gramma Kris from the airport.

Ryan, with Kris and Lonnie.

Leah didn't like being bundled up too well, so she didn't stay interested for long.

Tag, Dakota, Sailor and Monica, ready for the ride to get a little closer to the balloons.

They got pretty excited about finding Nemo!!

We love the fall when the skies are filled with hot air balloons!

Kris and Lonnie

Monica and Me

The huddle- Monica, Jesse, Tag, Jodi, Hayley, Lonnie, Tricia, Dakota and Sailor

Hayley, Jodi and Jesse

This balloon went right over us.

I think next year we will try to go in the park for mass ascension.
It is really fun to see the balloons fill up and take off the ground.

Thanks for a great weekend everybody!

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