Wednesday, April 11, 2012

February 2012

February in a nutshell:

1.) Ryan accepted the offer to work with his brother, Travis, out in California.

2.) I turned 30. Yep. A new decade of life. Crossed the threshold of "old". Said goodbye to my youth. Ok, so maybe not the youth thing. Just a few months before that when I was purchasing a replacement part for my vacuum, the man thought I'd just graduated from high school and was astounded to discover I was the mother of 3 children and am going on 9 years of marriage. So maybe people will think I'm 19 now that I'm 30. That beats people thinking I had a child when I was 12...

Anyways, I got a few celebrations. I got to have lunch with some of my favorite ladies, (Emily Harrington, Sara Hicks, Michelle McDonough, Lesa Miller and Rachel Morsbach) at my favorite lunch eatery and continue my love affair with Dion's ranch dressing. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and I got spoiled with a full rack of their mouthwatering ribs. And on Saturday we had cake and ice cream with the Millers, after which, we (the adults) played Just Dance. And. It. Was. Awesome.

See? Awesome.

I also received a beautiful handmade necklace, they-don't-make-my-ears-swell-so-they're-completely-awesome-earrings, a beautiful handmade card, and the most recent movie in the Twilight saga. (I might be a closet Twi-hard.) I also received a set of charcoal pencils and a sketch book from my sister, and an awesome you just got old 30 year old gift set complete with 80's candies and cartoons, socks for my circulation, Bengay, and a 30 Years In the Making t-shirt that will be making its way around the family from my cousin, Maggie. I can't wait to send it to Emily next year! And the last thing I got on my birthday was a perfect bed that Ryan built from scratch. I am so in love with it. I need to finish decorating and then I will post a picture of this beautiful bed!

3.) Ryan left to California on February 15 with the plan of checking it out to see if we could make it work. It took less than a week for him to decide he loved it. Construction, building,'s all in his blood. So, we started making plans for moving us out to California. We estimated it would take til about July for us to be able to afford the move and rent and all that good stuff. Plan B!

The rest of February is kind of a blur. I do remember that the day he left, I locked us out of the house and had to ask for help from one of my neighbors to break in. A day or two later, Leah wanted to help get Jillian out of her playpen. Since she couldn't lift her out, Leah decided she would cut the netting on the playpen to let Jill out. I know. But I sewed it up with some yarn and it wasn't so bad anymore.

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