Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012- The Baskets and Egg Hunt

One thing about having independent daughters is that they beat me to waking up in the mornings- every day. (Not like I was ever good at getting up early in the first place. Freakishly early, like for Seminary in high school, yes. But just regular early, not so much.) And they can be very quiet. Most of the time I don't mind this because they just pick a show or movie to watch quietly until Jillian wakes up at a normal time and then I have to get out of bed and we turn it all off and get our day started. 

But on special occassions, I sometimes wish I was an early morning person so I could witness their first reactions. Monica and Leah had already eaten their candy from their baskets, which was a single row of peeps and a single 2" chocolate bunny. In our sugar sensitive household, that's a splurge. And they had gone outside to find the eggs the Easter bunny hid for them. Leah found two in the time it took Monica to round the rest up. Leah, as you might imagine, was quite upset. Not to mention, Jillian was still asleep. So I explained to Monica that since she had gotten all the eggs so fast, she had to re-hide them and help Jillian get her eggs in her basket and let Leah go for it.

Monica agreed this was a good compromise. So we got Jillian up, showed her her basket and then tried to convince her that searching for our colored eggs was fun. Poor Monica couldn't pry Jillian away from her little notebook and shiny pencil for the world. It was hilarious! Maybe next year...

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