Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's Eve

We had a small, quiet New Year's Eve this year. Ryan traded in some of his games at GameStop to get the girls "Just Dance for Kids" for the Kinect. They had a blast! They love playing dance games. And what was even more fun than watching Monica and Leah doing the dance moves? Watching Jillian totter to her feet to try and dance with them! Dad even got his groove on, too. We watched the ball drop together on the couch and Leah even made it until midnight. After our family prayer and sparkling cider toasts, Leah promptly crashed. Monica probably could have stayed up even longer, but she couldn't argue with church being the next day! It would be a new year with new beginnings!

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Cristine said...

I'm impressed! My kids were out by 730 and Nate and I barely made it to midnight! :) Happy New Year!