Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Night

The girls got really spoiled this year. They essentially had three Christmases. One at Nana and Papa's, another at Aunty Theresa's, and one when we got home Christmas evening from Albuquerque. Monica asked Santa for only two things - the spy cars from "Cars 2" and My Little Ponies, and Leah asked only for Strawberry Shortcake. Santa definitely delivered! Which made our shopping from Mom and Dad super easy on Black Friday. I made some skirts for the girls and will have to take pictures of them in their matching skirts, but I forgot to take them to ABQ with us for church. So they didn't get to wear them then. The girls were tired, (and so were Mom and Dad!) after the drive home, so we read the story in Luke of Jesus' birth, opened gifts and then went to bed!

This was the first year Ryan and I did not exchange gifts with each other, having agreed to have our Christmas when he got orders in the Air Force. We just wanted to make sure the girls got what they wanted, and it was worth every smile and little gasp to see their excitement! And we were spoiled by all our family. It was a beautiful Christmas.

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Cristine said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas (or Christmases!)!