Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Easy, It's Just A Picture!"

Maggie and John were such good sports when I asked for a picture, on Christmas morning. Before breakfast. And they turned out so cute! We really loved being able to see them and hang out.

 I don't think Ryan and I have had a recent picture taken of us, so we got one in front of the tree, too.
 Sweet girls!
 While we were taking pics of Aunty Theresa and Uncle Bruce, I told them to kiss.
 They did. And as Uncle Bruce went in for another kiss, Aunty Theresa goes, "Easy, it's just a picture!"
 It was so funny!
These are some of my favorite pics.
In my someday house, actually sooner, I'm going to have a happy wall.
And it's going to be filled with pictures of people we love purely and honestly laughing. True blue tickled pink.
Doesn't that just make you happy thinking about it? 

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