Thursday, December 8, 2011

Leah's First Haircut

It was time. Leah's hair has gotten really long, and as a busy 3 year old, a little bit in the way. Not to mention her big sister cut a chunk of her hair in the middle of her forehead for her because Leah asked her to. I know. So, I pulled out the shears and cut bangs for her and evened out the rest of the length. I think it turned out adorably!
EDIT: I should have taken before pictures, but her hair was down to the top of her tushy. I cut off four inches from the length of her hair. When her hair is dry it's a lot shorter because she has natural waves and curl. 


Becky Clinton said...

When you said "hair cut" I was thinking something just a little shorter. That's not a hair cut, it's a bangs trim! She's still adorable.

The Whetten Family said...

LOL Agree with Becky I thought the same too. I was expecting a short bob. Adorable all the same.


I guess I should have noted I did cut 4 inches off the length to even it out. Her hair was down to the bottom of her back!