Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jillian is One Year Old!

It seems like every year of each of my children's lives goes by faster and Jillian's first year is no exception. She is blossoming into such a fun girl! She loves cats, her big sisters, wrestling with Daddy, and smiles so sweetly. She also loves to wave and pretend she is talking on our phones. She gets her feelings so hurt if you put her down when she is not ready, or if you sternly say "no" when she smacks your face. It's really endearing. For now. HA! She also really loves to empty drawers, and plink the keys on the piano. 

We so love our silly Jilly! She makes us laugh and brings such joy with her. 

This year, we kept it simple. We really couldn't go all out like I wanted to. So we had cupcakes together as a family. Jillian really liked hers! She attacked that cupcake with ferocity. She wasn't too smiley because she was ready for a nap. But it was so much fun to watch her devour her cupcake.

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