Friday, July 9, 2010

Candid Camera

The girls can get creative, especially when Ryan is home!
Leah likes to rock out...

I love moments like these when I just look outside and the girls are playing so nicely together.
Monica is a pro at helping Leah get her Otter Pops. 

One of my favorite memories from this point in time was when Ryan was gone training in Nebraska with the Reserves, and I took the girls dinner outside so they could eat out on the porch. I went back inside to get my plate and when I went back outside, the girls both had their heads bowed, arms folded, and Monica was saying a prayer for the food. It was sooooo sweet!

Christina and Lewis just moved to OK and sent the older kiddos back here with Mom and Dad for a few weeks, so I brought Ashley and Katie home with me to play for a few hours with the girls. Ashley and Monica were enjoying playing with the Polly's and Katie and Leah opted to snuggle up and watch "Spongebob"!

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