Monday, July 19, 2010


The girls had a fun water balloon party this year. There were two drawbacks, though. 

The balloons only lasted about 5 minutes - not nearly enough balloons, so it was a FAST water balloon party.

The other was that right before the party, Leah busted her nose on a radio.
She was trying to change the song and ended up pulling it on top of her, slicing her nose right above her lip. 
But no worries, we cleaned it real well and put ice on it right away so there was pretty much no swelling and it healed very quickly. Within a couple days you could barely tell it happened.

So now for the mushy mom part. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE A 2 AND 5 YEAR OLD! I remember holding them as babies like it was the day before yesterday! Ha.

But really, Monica is about to start school and take her first steps out into the world without me being there. I'm trying to stave off the panic attacks as much as possible. I'm not entirely sure where the paranoia comes from. I always thought I would just be so happy to drop her off, but I admit, I can already see myself crying the day I drop her off for her first day. She is so smart. She likes to write out my grocery lists for me, asking how to spell all the words. And she is picking up reading pretty quickly and can do simple math. She amazes me everyday.

And Leah is just growing up so fast too! She is speaking in full sentences now and copying Monica like nobody's business. She just loves her big sister. But she reminds me she is only 2 every time she pinches someone. I can't quite figure out what to do about that. She is also getting close to potty training. She did well for about a month and then I lost my patience. I know, bad mom! But it was taking so long, I just finally realized that she wasn't even two yet when we started and just barely two when we quit. She still has some time. But not much! With the baby coming in December, the pressure goes back on for good next month. 

It's been a roller coaster of the last 5 years, joining the ranks of motherhood. But I wouldn't trade them for anything. I have learned, and been stretched in ways I never thought possible. And I do have two of the best kids on the planet! Happy Birthday, Monica and Leah!!

Tina took a bunch of pictures and I'm hoping to get them sometime. But these are my faves of the shots I got.

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Tina said...

Just FYI I gave all the pics from when I was there to Dad so yu can grab them from him. :)