Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring

We woke up to a surprising First Day of Spring morning...

So we took the girls to the Taylor Ranch Library for a little bit of sledding.
We got there kind of late, so there wasn't a whole lot of snow left, but hey...we made it!
Ryan loves his girls!
Ryan and Leah went for a fast ride where both had a blast!
So I thought it would be great to take a turn with Monica.
The only problem?
Leah climbed to the top of the hill and was devastated that we left her there.
Which is why this picture is so heartbreaking...
But she got over it.
This pic was was only about 1 minute later.
Leah made it halfway up the hill pulling the sled.
The girls played hard and had a blast!
It was a great ride!!


The McBride Family said...

What a FUN day!!!! And seriously Anna they are getting so big and are so beautiful!

Stephanie said...

LOL Leah's priceless!

Millers! said...

I LOVE that picture of Leah crying.. how sad for her! LOL.. I cant believed it snowed. wierd!