Saturday, March 20, 2010

When the Aunt is Away the Cousins will play!

This last week I got to have Melissa, Jessy and Mikey stay with us while Aunty Sarah and Uncle David went on a fab vacation to JAMAICA!! Here are some pictures of our fun:
We went to the Aquarium
Aunty Theresa joined us!
Come and get your love...
These girls are chill!
Then we went to the Botanical Garden and we had fun playing in the eggs, carrots and pumpkins.
Mikey LOVED watching the trains.
Melissa hugged a tree...
Then Leah kissed one!
Aunty Theresa!
Miss Monica
I loved the colors on this shot.
Silly Leah.
Everyone needs a good ride once in a while...
We painted and Leah REALLY got into it...
Julie loved her blue and purple...
Monica had a blast too!
Jessy worked hard on her pieces.
Melissa and her 'M'
Mikey and his pink shirt...hey, it protected HIS shirt!
Miss Julie
Classic Timeout Look
Everybody loves the slide!
The girls love their baby cousin Jonah!
Strike a pose!
 Leah loved the swing!

We had some good fun together. Jessy and Melissa were huge helps and Mikey was so fun to have. I think I could have been a little more fun, but unfortunately the weekend fell on the week of midterms and Ryan's drill weekend as well. I'm always a little on edge when Ryan isn't around, but add midterms and trying to find time to study and I wasn't as relaxed as I could have been. But it all worked out and Emily came and hung out with us a lot and it was great to have her and her kiddos too!


Stephanie said...

Real men wear pink! (I bought Kyle's uncle a pink shirt for Christmas last year w/matching tie.) Love these pics!

Millers! said...

Super cute pics!!!! how fun to spend family time together!