Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lost Pictures

My heart is broken!!!
I lost my camera.
And it had over 100 awesome pictures on it...
SO- since I don't have pictures to post, I will just update.
I am totally rocking school this semester!! And I found out I'm a little further away from my associate's than I thought. It's a transferrable credit issue. Apparently my AP English score was good enough to get the 4 credits at NMSU, but not good enough to transfer to UNM. So I will have to take English 101. I guess I should be happy that it will be an easy A. I COULD just take one super 18 credit semester in the fall, but I'm afraid of burning out. 12 credits is a doable load for me. So I think I will stick with it. That means two more semesters til my Associates in Liberal Arts. Then next summer I will be able to transfer to UNM! I'm totally stoked!!
Ryan is in Kingwood, West Virginia finally getting his training for his Reserve unit. Hooray! He said he passed his PT test first thing this morning, and then after his first day got a 100% on the first test. YAY for Ryan! He's at Camp Dawson, and made me jealous by saying the hotel he is staying at is a lot like the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany. Then rubbed it in further saying he took a walk with the fireflies. I haven't seen those since I spent a summer in Missouri! Those were the COOLEST!!
Leah is officially walking! As of TODAY she learned how to push herself back up to standing without pulling up on anything, and she is just taking off! She wants to walk everywhere. And she has relaxed just a TAAAAD! She says Mama, Dada, nigh', and baba. But we just don't quite know what 'baba' is for.
Monica is all about Little Pet Shop right now. She LOVES her toys! She's also all about making a deal. And telling anyone who will listen about how she is four years old. Ask her 'how are you?' She will say, "I'm four!" Ask her what she did today, she will say, "I played, cuz I'm four!" Ask her how she likes her sister, she'll say, "Leah's only 1. But I'm a big girl bcause I'm FOUR!"
So...until I find my camera. Or have enough money to replace it.
You can depend on updates.
And more updates...


Cristine said...

Oh no!!! That sucks about your camera!!!

Anya does the same thing as Monica. Being 4 is the coolest. :)

Kristen Taylor said...

It is so fun to see them walk, but they get into sooooo much more! :) Hope you find the camera... that stinks!!!

ChristyLou said...

What a fun post. I love seeing a little into your lives. I'm glad things are going well and I'm really impressed that you're in school. I really miss it and wish I could go back. Maybe in the spring if the mono is totally gone. I'm glad you found your camera! That is the worst feeling when you think it's lost.