Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monica is 4 and Leah is 1!!

I cannot believe my little girls are a year older.
It feels like just yesterday I was holding Leah for the first time, while she was all gross and birth-y, but still feeling that rush of love for a new child.
And it was yesterday that she barely fit into a newborn diaper.
And it feels like just a few days ago, I changed Monica's first poopy diaper.
And I cried because I didn't hear the nurse tell me the first time that I had to wet the wipes.
And all I was doing was spreading her poo all over.
And just a few days since Ryan and I were staring at Monica when she was just a couple days old, and we had just taken her home.
And we had NO IDEA what to do next.
And now Monica is 4.
She is a riot! She is unpredictable. She is funny!
Monica has the best laugh/giggle.
And an arsenal of Monica-isms.
1. She still says soda -- "soo-da"
2. There was a man visiting our ward and she pointed to him and said, "Look, Mom! That guy should be on Biggest Loser!"
3. At the Lambson Reunion, Ryan's cousin Shannon asked Monica if he could take her baby sister home and she replied, "No. You can get one out of your mama."
4. In the car, we were talking about Leah teething, so Monica turned to Leah and said, "Are you so excited to be getting your own teeth? Good job, Leah!"
5. Again, at the Lambson Reunion, we were walking behind Grandma Kris, and I needed to readjust my grip on the chairs I was carrying, so Monica and I fell behind. As we were walking to the pavilion, Monica said, "Grandma Kris is in heaven. I can't see her anymore. She went up in the clouds with Jesus!"
6. I wasn't feeling good one day, so I laid out on the couch to doze while Ryan watched the girls, but so I could still be available if I needed to be. Monica came up to me and said, "I'll be your mama, and you'll be my sweetie pie. I'm going to take care of you." Then she proceeded to stuff her purse with her socks and cover me with them.
Leah is growing as well.
She is 1!
She has taken her first un-clinging-to-finger-solo steps.
That happened about a week and a half ago at Nana's house. She has also cut her third and fourth tooth - the top two. She said "up" clearly today, and has started to sign "more". She is still the easiest, happiest, non-squawkiest, laid back baby. She is still under 18 pounds. AND- NEWS ALERT- SHE IS SMILING MORE!
I know every mom feels like their kids grow up way too fast.
I have enjoyed every minute of it.
Ok, so maybe not EVERY minute, but close enough.
There used to be a part of me that wondered "what if?".
Now I just can't wait to plan, and have an answer to Monica's,
"Then what are we gonna do after that, Mama?"
I LOVE my girls!!!
And I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for giving them to me.
I hope they will always know how much I love them.


Cristine said...

Isn't it so crazy how we now have 4 year olds AND 1 year olds? The time really flies! Happy birthday to your girls!

Ingelheim Five said...

You have such a precious family and you are one great Mom! Thanks for that sweet blog!

Steph B said...

They grow up way too fast! Your girls are so beautiful. Happy birthday to both!

ChristyLou said...

What a sweet post...and funny too! I laughed out loud over the Biggest Loser Monica-ism. She IS a riot!! Wish I could get to see your little sweeties sometime (and YOU). I'm glad you guys are well and happy!

The Whetten Family said...

Ha that was tearful and hillarious. I cannot believe she is 4..... Time has seriously flown by...

Gramma Kris said...

Cute blog Anna-lu. those are some precious girls. We love and miss you all!