Monday, July 20, 2009

Monica's Tea Party

At the beginning of June, we had a birthday party for the girls since a lot of their cousins were in town. We hadn't seen my sister in two years, which is the longest I'd ever not seen any one of my siblings. BUT- those pictures are all on a CD, and since our CD-ROM doesn't work on this computer, Ryan completely removed it. So I'm starting with Monica's Tea Party that we had on her birthday, June 26th. I just wanted to do something simple but fun to celebrate her actual birthday so she would know the difference between her birthday party and her actual birth DAY. And since this blog is essentially my journal for posterity, I'm not too worried about posting out of order. As long as it all gets documented, I'm good, right?
Kenzi and Monica - who especially liked the Princess Graham Cookies. Princess Monica blowing a fishy face and her kitty. Princess Kenzi Cash -- and Kitty, who Monica insisted be in the picture.
Princess Katie Milberger
Princess Aly Farrow...and Kitty. Again. Princess Bella Foutz - and - you guessed it. Kitty!

Since Monica turned four, we let her invite four friends to come celebrate her little party. They all came in their favorite princess dresses and had fun with the finger foods, but especially the little cupcakes. I took out my wedding china and used it for the first time for the party! I made sure to use it over my plushiest rug in case anyone dropped their plate or cup, but there were no mishaps! Well, there was one. I spilled on the tablecloth, but the 3 and 4 year olds were impeccable. HAHA!
All the princesses holding up their cakes.

And no, I didn't do anything to mark Leah's birthday the next day because we headed out to the Lambson Family Reunion in Ramah. Sorry, Leah! But I can tell you that Leah was really cranky. I almost considered backing out of the trip and just sending Monica with Ryan because Leah was teething two very big front top teeth and getting over a cold at the same time. But we went and had a blast. Pictures of that to come later!

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Cristine said...

What a cute idea! I'll have to do a tea party for Anya!