Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Cakes and Fun!

We celebrated Monica and Leah's birthdays early this year so that their cousins could be there. I have a ton of good pictures that Christina took on a CD, but those will have to wait. These are what I had on my camera though.
The theme of the party was My Littlest Pony Shop. It was a combo of My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop - which Monica has fallen in love with.
The cake was strawberry with vanilla frosting and Smuckers strawberry jelly on the inside.
I don't know the names of the ponies, but I have to admit here that I stole the idea for the cakes from my friend Cristine. When we were living in Germany, there were over 600 babies born in one summer from our post. So there is a group of us that our girls all turn the same age in the same summer. Well, she is much more creative than I am when it comes to baking, and anya turned four in May. So if it weren't for her great idea to do the design on the ponies' hinies, I wouldn't have made these cuties. I was pretty pleased with my handiwork! Leah's smash cake. You'll see how much she enjoyed it!
Grandma Kathy and Emily
Aunt Elisha and Leah
Me, Christina, and Natalie

Monica took a swing at her pinata.
Then Katie got to take a swing...
Then we learned a lesson.
Austin got up to swing and the pinata was down!
It happened so fast, I threw the camera down to get everyone their bags to collect their candy!
Then it was cake time...
Leah enjoyed smashing up her smash cake!
Then PRESENTS!!Leah oohed and ahhed appropriately at all her gifts.

There's a dimple!Monica enjoyed showing off all of hers to the oohs and ahhs of everyone else. Then she had to change and show off her new dress!
Julie and Michael had a blast with the water table.

There are better pictures of everyone else on the CD, I have but again, (for the last time) those will come later. But all in attendance were:
Grandma Kathy
Grandpa Dellon
Aunty Emily
Uncle Matt
Aunt Elisha
Uncle Lewis
Aunty Christina
Uncle David
Aunty Sarah
It was great fun! Thanks for coming everyone!!


Cristine said...

How cute!!!! Great job on the cakes! What is it about the ponies that all 4 year old girls love? Anya and Alexis play with them for hours EVERY day! :) Happy birthday to your girls!

Oh, and thanks for the sweet compliment! You made me smile! :)

ChristyLou said...

It looks like a beautiful party. Little girls' dream come true! Way to go mom!