Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We found our camera!

Ok, so it's time to play a little catch up. We didn't lose our camera, as we had fretted. It had fallen out of the backpack and rolled under the stroller. YAY!! So, here is the last week and a half in review.

We saw our friends from Germany, the Keils and the Prices! It was so fun to see you guys again!!

Previously said sweet picture of the girls at the balloon fiesta fireworks show...

Then Leah helped Ryan do his homework. She looks so tiny in the arms of her daddy!

It's officially cookie-making-decorating-and-giving-them-away season!

Here's Leah on the day she rolled over from back to tummy 8 times! It has now increased to everytime she is on her back. She falls under the "baby may EVEN be able to..." in the what to expect book. Genius maybe?

And now here she is in action. She's much faster now.

My decorated cookies...

A fun photo op with the girls last night...

Miss Monica took this picture!

Monica took decorating her cookies very seriously...especially since she could use the princess edition of cookie icing!


Price Family said...

I am glad you found your camera. Your girls and you are so beautiful. It was great to come see you and your family. Thanks for having us. I think you have the cutiest family. Your cookie look great. Monica your cookies look great too. Have wonderful day!!

Amanda Farrow said...

You All are crazy cookie making fools!! Leah is getting cuter by the minute...Hey we need to have that 'tea party' with the girls!!

Meagan Reitz said...

We voted early in the Paseo del norte plaza on coors. The one target is in. It' further south of target in the corner by Furniture warehouse. We were in and out within 20 mins!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that your cookies look amazing! How is it that I have absolutely no cake decorating/cookie decorating skills and I love to bake? I make some super delicious desserts, but my cookies never look as beautiful as yours! Maybe your should teach me before I move in December!!! We need to do lunch pronto!