Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk or Treat, smell my feet...

Tonight was our ward's Trunk or Treat Spooktacular Event. Monica picked out the pirate costume weeks ago and has been dying to play with it. I picked a lamb for Leah because it seemed like it would be warm just in case it got cold.

It didn't. PERFECT weather.

My pirate...Captain Mo

Anna had a little lamb, little lamb, little laaaaamb

Monica thought I was a grandma. I was going more for the retro, Austin Powers era.

Captain Mo and Princess Katie held hands on their way to get their candy!

So cute!

The Cottams had this awesome fishing booth at their trunk. Monica loved it!

Monica fished out some candy and spiders...oooooh!

Not only do they match perfectly as a family every Sunday, the Cordrays also had the best costumes!

Mary Poppins

Her chimney sweep guy type friend... ( I don't remember his name. But I remember he liked flying kites. Um, right?)

Then the Popes had this cool cemetery setup at their trunk.

I forgot to get a picture of her final count, but Monica was ecstatic over her candy. I told her to take one piece in with her to go inside and she grabbed a big handful. Our conversation:

Me: Monica, I said one piece of candy.
Mon: But Mom! I need to share with my friends.
Me: Ok, that works.
Mon: Friends! Friends! Mom, where did my friends go?


Cristine said...

Cutie kids!!! I love how Monica was calling for her friends! :)

Millers! said...

SO CUTE! I was looking at that Lamb costume too... except the head was missing... oh well... your girls are adorable!

The Bryce Family said...

You all look so cute! We really missed the Trunk or Treat with the good ABQ ward.
Take care!!!
Ragan & Julie

ytucker said...

I really like your new format much better than the old. What a great picture of your family in the pumpkin field I want a copy! Did you take any pictures of Ryan?

Stephanie said...

These pictures are great!!

Ingelheim Five said...

Hey Anna--I need to call you and can't find your phone number. Went to information and they don't have it either. Wyn needs the name and email address of your bulletin lady in your ward. My number is 890-4393. Thanks!

And your blog is darling. It was good to see you and your sweet girls on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

your girls are so cute,Anna.
My son hated his pumpkin costume.

ChristyLou said...

I love it! You guys looked great! You look good as a blonde! Hehehe. Luv ya.