Friday, May 23, 2008

Ugly Betty

My favorite show right now is "Ugly Betty". I LOVE IT! And I have to say I was actually really excited with the prospect of Betty and Gio getting together as a couple. I like Henry, really I do. He's good looking and smart, and does the right thing. But romantically, he's kind of a dud. He could have done a lot more for Betty than just flowers to make up for missing all their great plans for her birthday. When Gio knew Betty only considered him a friend, he went out of his way to make sure she had something special and got a carriage for her to ride in. Plus, Gio can dance! And I think he's cute and that they would make a cute couple because they can banter and tease each other in a way Henry and Betty never did.

So I predict that Betty will choose to be with Gio. I know she loved Henry, but as awful as Charlie was to her, I can't see Betty choosing to share a life with her. I also think the show would end if Betty left Mode. Too much is riding on all the changes at the magazine, and she's Christine's only support, really. I bet Daniel is going to start his own magazine and Betty will get an even better position being his assistant and I bet he asks her to write for his magazine. I would also like to see the braces come off. I can handle the bushy hair, really, I can. But it's been two seasons of braces. Take them off!!! What I actually think would be really great, is if Betty went to Italy with Gio and got an Italian makeover. Not that she needs to go all Mode-girl fashionista, but at least they could change it up. Claire told her she needed to take risks in all areas of her life, and I think it would be great if Betty took a risk with her style. It would be fun to see Betty's interpretation of Italian fashion. I can't wait til the fall!!!


The Whetten Family said...

I love that show

Steph said...

Hi Anna! This is so cool. I don't know if you remember me, Stephanie Bean, but I saw your link on Christy Griggs blog. I hope you are doing good. Your little family is so cute. You can check us out at or there is a link on Christy's. Oh, and I LOVE Ugly Betty too.Gio all the way! (0: