Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Spring Recital!

Today was really eventful, so I thought I would break it up into two different blogs. This morning was my studio spring recital. I invited my friend Sally, who has been teaching her grandkids to play, to join us. I had 15 students altogether, but 2 couldn't come this time. And Sally had 3, which meant 16 performers got up the courage to play in front each other and their families.

So the morning started off right, I was up in time to make sure everything I needed was ready to go. I got showered and dressed, Monica up and dressed with a little breakfast, and walked out the door right when I planned! So I get in the truck, since Ryan took my car to drill this weekend, and it wouldn't start! It only took a few tries before I got it going and then it was really jerky and shaky. NOOO!! I was starting to panic at this point. I knew the car had problems, but this morning?! Are you serious?!

So I finally pulled up to Charles Piano where the recital was scheduled and EVERYONE was already there waiting. My students' moms ROCK! I was only a couple minutes late and they were all there. Then to top off the stress I was already feeling not being able to be early, no one was there to open the store. Now I'm ready to cry, because I'm pregnant and I do that. But I didn't. We waited, and fretted a bit, and then luckily a teacher came in and was able to open the doors. THANK GOODNESS! Because I was about to reschedule the recital.

Anyways, we walked in and got the recital going and I couldn't be more proud as a teacher! Everyone made it through their songs, and it was wonderful! Now, I had practiced what I was going to say at the end of the recital ahead of time, because last time I got teary and my voice cracked. And everytime I thought about my students, I was proud and honored but I didn't get emotional. So I go in today thinking "I'm good...not gonna cry...I feel strong!" YEAH RIGHT! I was crying before the last song was even played! I was just so overcome with how hard everyone worked to get there and I'm losing a few students this summer who are moving and I am really going to miss them! But I recovered, and all was well. THEN, to add another bright note, they told me I didn't have to pay to rent the space since they didn't give me the code that would have gotten us in and started. SaWEET!

Next recital, I won't be pregnant, so I plan on proving I can wear mascara and not worry about it running!

So these are my students. Back row: Jessica, Andy, Chantelle, Mary, me, Justine, Melissa and Holly. And the front row are: Caleb, Jacob, Crystelle, Grace, and Traekon. And somewhere in there is a little girl who asks for piano lessons so she can get stickers!


Millers! said...

Good Job Anna... I wish I could have been there... Please dont pracitice on not crying, that is what I LOVE about you, you wouldnt be Anna if you didnt cry!

Natalie said...

Wow!! I bet that was so amazing seeing those children do what they did!! You are amazing Anna!