Sunday, June 8, 2008

LeBaron/Lambson-Allred Family Reunion

Last weekend we went to St. George to help celebrate Ryan's grandmother's 75th birthday. So we got to meet up with all his siblings, except Spencer, and their families and it was great! It was also great to see all his cousins and meet their new spouses and see how everyone has grown.

The Lambson-Allred family

It was so fun to get to see everybody, and Monica especially had a blast with all her cousins. She kept calling them "my friends" and wherever they were she wanted to be also. Poor Ryan had to endure an orignally 9-hour drive turned into 12-13 because of me. I didn't think it would be so hard to sit for so long, but we ended up needing to stop every so often so I could walk a bit and relieve my squished bladder. Thankfully, Flagstaff is about half way, and they have a great little play area in their mall, so we took Monica and let her play for about 45 minutes before locking her up in the car again. So here are some pics and videos of our trip!

First we have the front shot of Tricia, me and Brooke and then the side shot!
Yeah, I know, I'm GINORMOUS!

Taken at a picnic we had with some friends in Beaver.

Monica and Luca at the water pad. It was really cool!

Ryan, and Monica with her aunties and grandparents.


Two peas in a pod!
All the cousins


The Dixon Family said...

Cute pictures! I especially like the first one where Monica and her cousin are making faces at each other!

The McBride Family said...

How fun! I love family reunions!!! Great pics! Thanks again for the help with Ryan!!!