Monday, May 5, 2008

The perfect day...almost

Ok, Ok, I know there isn't really such a thing as "the perfect day" but I just have been having a GREAT mommy day and thought I would celebrate by sharing with the world how good Monica has been today! She helped pick up her room without argument, (plus every other room in the house for that matter!) and has listened really well when I talk to her. She has been the ultimate mommy's helper by picking up things off the floor for me and putting things away down low that otherwise would make me very uncomfortable to bend over for. And the best part is, she has had the best, cheerful attitude all day and at naptime got in bed once and didn't get up! KUDOS to Monica!!!

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K said...

She is so precious! Anna, you will have more of those perfect days and it is good to journal them so when it is absolutely crazy and you have a melt down you can remember the perfect days! Love Mom Kris