Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gramma Kris' Visit

This last weekend Kris came down from St. George to visit and we had a great time!
We shopped for beads, and sorted beads, and talked over sorting beads.
We watched "Fame!", "Eclipse", and "Sorcerer's Apprentice".
She built a fort with Monica and Leah and watched "Toy Story 3" with them. 
She cleaned out Jillian's belly stump, which turned out to be quite the ordeal. (We are ALL glad that I was in the shower at the time and so glad she is a nurse!)
We gave Jillian her first bath and Gramma took pictures.
We made red chile and just enjoyed being in each other's company.

Thanks again for coming, Kris!


Becky Clinton said...

Your "first bath" pictures turned out good. Mine always looked like I was attempting to drown the poor thing! Wet or dry, she is lovely.

emily said...

Too cute!! Jillian looks like an allred with dark hair!! She is super cute!