Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Sisters

Monica and Leah are all about holding Jillian these days.
And when I say "all about" I really mean it.
When she's sleeping, they want to hold her.
When she's eating they want to hold her.
When she's needing a diaper change, Monica's asking if she can do it. (Score, right?!)
And they will start fighting over who gets to hold her if I don't remember correctly who held her last.
Typically, it's Monica because after a minute or two Leah starts squirming and says, "She hebby, Mama. Baby Jiwian is hebby." And she gives her up pretty easily. 
Monica will hold her for a good half hour or more. 
Anyways, here are my favorites of the proud big sisters!

On our first outing, Leah shared her Seahorse and Jessie dolls with Jillian.
I love how they're all about the same size. HAHA! 
And Leah was so happy to share. 


ChristyLou said...

So sweet!! The girls are all simply beautiful. You make me so excited to have three girls!!! I just love Jillian's fat cheeks.

The McBride Family said...

That is sweet! Almost makes me want a third... I said ALMOST!!! They are all beautiful!

Cristine said...

What sweet pictures! They look so thrilled to be big sisters!

jessicaholtey said...

Ha so very very cute! Indi loves to hold Livi too, but its more like I am just laying her on her lap so Indi can give her high 5's! ha

Kristen Taylor said...

So sweet! You have got some cute kids there!!