Friday, August 20, 2010

Monica's First Day of School; Part 1

Today was Monica's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!
And I am happy to report that neither of us cried! 
(Sidenote: I guess I should admit that I got it out yesterday when we went to meet her teacher, Mrs. Clink!)

Monica was up by 6:30 this morning asking to pull the rollers out of her hair and was dressed before Ryan and I were out of bed. She was so giddy and excited!
I wanted to make something special for Monica's first breakfast, but she insisted she only wanted cereal. 
So Golden Grahams it was. 
Let's hope General Mills puts all the nutrients it claims, because she was overflowing with enthusiasm.

While I was making her lunch, I was trying to remember the hierarchy of acceptable lunchroom sandwiches. Ryan assured me that meat was ok, although PB&J resides at the top. Later at the school, I was reassured by Kuliana, Stacey and Audrey that wheat bread is now "in" so we can keep our kids healthy AND cool!

After breakfast and gathering everything for her lunch and school supplies, Ryan gave Monica a beautiful father's blessing. Ok, so I did cry today, but not at the school!

And now for the traditional pictures of our beautiful big girl!!
She's ready!
She's a Super Star!
Her Tinker Bell backpack she was so proud to pick out at the store.
Showing off her cute kitty lunch box.
Daddy was able to go in late to work so he could be there to walk with us to the school!
This is the gated area where the kindergarteners play apart from all the bigger kids. 
Monica was being very patient on the playground while we tried to figure out where the kindergarten drop-off was.
Monica and her teacher, Mrs. Clink
Is it embarrassing to take a picture with the teacher?
I like that the teachers and assistants all were wearing orange vests so the kids would know who to look for.
Lining up her backpack and lunch box.
When it came time to line up, Monica situated herself already between two cute little boys.
Let's hope they are nice to her!
Mrs. Dumas is the EA in Monica's class and helped her get going when her class started walking. 
She went to jump in line and Mrs. Clink instructed her to get back in line, so she sat down back on the curb and it took Mrs. Dumas holding her hand and pulling her and the little boy in orange up off the curb for her to realize it was time to go. HA HA!

She turned around and yelled, "Bye, Mom," to which I told her to have lots of fun and she yelled back, "I will!"

So let's hope she comes back just as excited as she left! 
Then I'll post how her day was in Part 2.

We're officially the parents of a Sierra Vista STUDENT!!!


Cristine said...

I can't believe she is in kinder! She looks so happy and so big!

The McBride Family said...

Congrats on the kindergartener! I have said it amillion times andwill say it a million more but I can't believe she is in Kindergarten. I hope she has a great day!

The Whetten Family said...

Awww she is such a big girl. Love it. thanks for sharing