Monday, February 23, 2009

Time Out Memory

I really don't want to forget this experience. Monica was jumping on the couch and Ryan told her to stop. She didn't listen, so I put her in time out.

Picture this:

Monica's nose is against the wall.

The theme to "George Lopez" is playing in the background.

Without missing a beat Monica stretches her right leg, points her toes and taps her foot on the floor.
Then she steps back in.

Then she stretches her left leg, points her toes and taps the floor again.

Repeat with right foot.

Repeat with left foot.

Ryan: "Monica! No dancing in time out!"


Ingelheim Five said...

What a cute family you are!! I love to read about your fun. Keep up the great parenting.

Millers! said...

hahaa, I can totally hear Ryan... I think that is what makes me laugh the hardest! Oh Monica, what a sweet girl!

emily said...

LOL! I love the thought of Monica's tapping toes.