Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun in February

February is almost over and no matter how much I love the Valentine's pictures, it's time to update.
We couldn't afford getting professional pics when Leah was born, so now, at 7 months, I finally took pictures of our hands. I even got her tiny feet in there too!

The sky and moon the night before my birthday. It was beautiful!
Leah is loving bathtime! And no, your eyes aren't going bad, the water really is dark. Monica got some fun bathtime water color-changers and she dumped them ALL out and it made a dark bluish-purple.
Monica's idea of "popsicles". I opened the fridge one morning and found these pencil stuffed socks piled neatly in a row. Monica was chilling them so we could "have ice cream after lunch." Cute.

We went to Explora with Jodi, her kids and her friend, Carrie. We had never been there before so it was a lot fun. We'll have to go again another time!

Our little model. She's such a natural!

Jesse controlling the water fountain.

Nick and Hayley hamming it up.
Jodi, Leah, and Carrie
A Valentine's Day family picture.
We went to the zoo on President's Day. Monica loved it and I think Leah just enjoyed being out of the house. I'm not seriously crazy with Leah's hat. It was a beautiful day, low 60's, with a breeze, and Leah had an ear infection. So she had that hat because I was protecting her ears. See? I really am a good mom sometimes.
We caught the polar bear feeding time and it was AWESOME!

Wrestling sea lions. These guys were going at it! Apparently that was the weekend to go to the zoo. Uncle David and Aunty Sarah said the day after we went, the gorillas and monkeys were going at it too! So all in all, February has been a great month!


emily said...

I love the picture of Leah in her hat peeking around Monica. Super adorable!

Millers! said...

How did I miss these pictures! Ok I love your family picture, but Leahs face is saying..."MOM my flower is almost as big as my head... GEEZE!" hahahaha, seriously so cute though! great pictures, makes me miss you all even more! LOVE YOU