Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up...

I probably should have been kicked off the blogosphere weeks ago, but I finally have a few minutes to update. Life has been busy and good to us. Christmas was wonderful! We had a small New Year's Eve party, but unfortunately I was having so much fun I didn't get pictures. :( But here are some of my favorites from Christmas!

A week before Christmas we built graham cracker houses. Ryan's came out really cute. Mine and Monica's? Not so much. It kept falling apart.

Leah discovered her thumb. She STILL refuses a pacifier and bottle. Luckily we have moved on to eating solids and she is getting the hang of it!

We drove around and enjoyed the lights. These two houses are next door neighbors. Anytime we were in the area, we drove by them!

The girls in their Christmas Eve jammies. Aren't they cute?

This year was so fun because Monica was really excited! She was the cutest kid EVER getting ready for Santa.

Taking off the last two sleeptime links. She had naptime at Nana's that day. When I tucked Monica in, I told her I thought Santa was in the neighborhood but wouldn't come unless she was asleep. So she looked up at me and with so much pleading in her voice, said, "Go to sleep too, Mom!"

Monica's loot!

Leah's loot!

Christmas at Nana's!

Showing off her sweater!

Leah and Uncle Mark at Christmas at Aunty Sarah's.

Aunty Theresa and Monica

Uncle Paul, Emily, Aunty Sarah and Jessy playing Raving Rabbids.

Monica dressed herself from head to toe and I had to take a picture because she was posing so cute!

Our attempt at taking Christmas pictures.


Price Family Adventure!!!! said...

I love your family picture in front of the tree.

Conforti Family said...

so cute. Anna! Leah looks soo much like you!