Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Before I Forget

So I have been thinking about last night's dream all day and decided to blog it here because it was seriously SO COOL!

I found myself lost in the realm of the Time Keepers. It was winter, with snow all over, but it wasn't cold. It was sweet, like sugar. And all the places to eat were candy shops. Some had huge tubes of candy, and others were stocked with short and fat jars of candy and all sorts of sweet treats. As I was looking around, trying to figure out what was going on, one of the Grandfathers spotted me. The grandfathers were the lawmakers and keepers. I broke a rule, without knowing it, and he asked for my watch. I gave it to him and then he smashed it! I was shocked, but not as much as he was. He looked up at me and said,"You're a Girl!" I was like, well duh. But then I noticed that everyone had watches and were protecting them at all costs. So it dawns on me that their watches are their life-source.

So the Grandfathers start to create a circle around me when a guy, kind of elf-like, jumps out and rescues me from their advance. A romance naturally ensues as I get all goosebump-y when he whisks me away. And I'm still me enough to think, "Hey, this is like when Ryan holds me. Is this Ryan?" But I can't see his face. I just know what I feel like when he is around me. As we are trying to escape, we duck into a candy shop and buy a huge bag of different candies for our adventure. There's some other kind of creature, froglike, that realizes we are on the run and wants to help us. So we step out to the street to hail the first cab we see and up hops a carousel horse, very real, but with the tall post sticking out of its saddle. We climb up on him and the grandfathers see us. So we push the horse to run as fast as he can and he just flies! Pretty soon, he pulls over, we climb down and there is an old wizard waiting for us. Somehow he knew we would be there. So he helps us evade the grandfathers with a few magic tricks. He knows his time is almost up, so he wants to have one last adventure. After some fuzzy near misses, and romantic overtones, we reach the portal to escape back to my realm. But now my elfen lover has a choice to make. If he stays in his realm, the grandfathers will most likely smash his watch and drain the sands of his time. But he doesn't know if he can survive in my realm, because no one from the land of the Time Keepers has ever tried. So he was weighing the decision and was just telling me he had decided to try to come to my realm when I woke up.

I would love to develop this dream into a story. I think it has potential to be a fun bedtime story for my kids!

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Conforti Family said...

this would make a cute childrens movie! what a funny dream, what have you been eating?