Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is she really 3???

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear MONICA!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu.

I know I'm about to really have a baby, but my baby is 3!! She has grown so stinkin' fast and is so smart! I remember when she was absolutely dependent on me- for food, entertainment, clothing, pottying, cleanliness. Now, she can do soooo much! Don't get me wrong, I love that she dresses herself, can bathe herself in the bathtub -including washing her mounds of hair- can feed herself, goes potty from start to finish on her own, can play games and get a movie in and out and started in the DVD player, can recognize most letters when she concentrates and counts...but where did my baby go?? She is starting to talk clearly on the phone, and loves her books. I know she is just going to seem absolutely ginormous when I have Leah in my arms, but sometimes I still see her as that little bitty baby with all that amazon hair. Especially when she yawns because it is the exact same facial expression she had as a newborn. She was a beautiful baby and has only grown more so as she has gotten older. Sometimes I look at her and try to imagine what she will look like as an adult. Then I remember that time will come soon enough...probably way too fast for my liking, and I just stare at her. She's a typical 3 year old in some aspects, but she is so sweet in others. When I am not feeling like being up and doing things, and it's a movie day, she likes to cuddle right close to me and constantly turn around and kiss my nose or forehead. Then she'll hold my chin for a second and smile at me and then turn around and watch the movie. It seriously doesn't get sweeter!

And she's hilarious. She has a contagious laugh that comes so easily. She might be a bit bossy, and I think I am understanding why they say firstborns are that way. They just want to be like Mom! She says the funniest the other day we were at my parent's house for dinner and she had just gotten her plate and Ryan had just sat down at the table when she got down, turned to Ryan and said:

"Daddy, don't eat my food! I very hungry! I have to go potty." And ran from the table to the bathroom. HAHAHA! We've never taken her food before!

So today my little sleeps through the night at 3 months, good-natured, happy baby turns 3! The age where she is not always free anymore. Perhaps the age where she will learn to recognize her first words on paper. I'm sure there'll be tantrums, and more verbal accuracy to go with them. But I can't wait to see what she learns this year!


Kristen Taylor said...

Wow... 3 already... yikes! Before I know it Ryan will be there... :( I am sure it will be so much fun, but I will miss the baby stage.

MIMA said...

It was so fun to sing to her last night! You should have seen us. It was me, mom, grandma LeBaron and Haley standing in my driveway singing to Monica. It was so cute!!! She was so grown up at the end when she said Thank you, and start over! :0)

Price Family said...

I can't beleive Monica is that old.I remember when she ran up to Scott when he returned from Iraq and hug him. She is so adorable.
Happy Birthday Monica!!!

The McBride Family said...

Oh my gosh I forgot how much hair she had even as a baby!! Happy Birthday Monica!!!

Natalie said...

Even though its late .. Happy Birthday Monica!!!

Natalie said...

Even though its late .. Happy Birthday Monica!!!