Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer 2012 - Smart Phone Photos

Since I was able to post most of my phone photos to Facebook, I want to preserve those here on the blog as well, so I am going to try and copy and paste the ones from last year on this blog post.

Me and Emily Harrington, friend extraordinaire.

Leah and her nap necessities.

We went to Elephant Butte with Erin and Matt Peterson and their boys, Levi and Weston. We had so much fun despite the wind!

Monica turned 7!

Leah turned 4!

We went to Ramah to visit with Kris and Lonnie and attended some of the Lambson family reunion. The girls caught their own snake to play with.

Napping with Gramma Kris

A fun evening stroll with Grandpa Lonnie

We had a fun birthday pool party at Aunty Theresa's

And at Nana and Papa's

We celebrated the 4th of July with the Peterson's and this pic looks way worse than what happened.

See? No damage.

Besties at Bahama Buck's. She and Ryan planned the ultimate getaway day out.

Leah is the cat whisperer.

We went dancing. A lot.

Me and Hana. Love her!

Monica pulled her own tooth out.

Hana and I went with Liz to get her first pedicure.


We went to the Deming Duck races. You put your duck in the water and splash him to get him to swim faster than the other ducks.

And I bought my first floppy hat. Loved going to the races with Liz and Phil!

This was the best red chile burrito I'd ever eaten.

For Labor Day, I flew out to spend the weekend with Ryan in San Antonio.

We had a great day at Sea World!

We saw the Alamo.

Made new friends, Ariel and Phil Council.

And that was the summer of 2012. In a very small nutshell.

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