Thursday, May 9, 2013

September-October 2012

In October, Liz and I did a marshmallow ghost craft with the girls. 

For Halloween, Monica was a witch, Leah was Rainbow Dash, and Jilly was a chef.

The Facebook photos:

We had a chocolate white elephant gift exchange Ladies' Night.

I built my first table from scratch.

We got to meet Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles! It was wonderful to hear his apostolic blessing that as we taught our children, they would hear us and hearken to our words.It was also very sweet and heartening to watch him allow Monica and Leah to hug him.

Monica lost another tooth, this time during Primary.

We went to the Mesilla Valley Pumpkin Patch with our friends.

We went to the Stake Halloween Carnival

I played in my first sand volleyball tourney and got to cheer on my friends, Jen Shumway, Cody Sowards, and Amber Jensen as they dominated the tournament. My team didn't win a single game. And. It. Was. So. Fun!

I went to a Minute-To-Win-It Halloween Party. I was a gypsy.

Courtney, Hana, me, and Liz

Kristen Marberger was my partner for the games since her hubby wasn't able to come party either. She was a musketeer. We won third place.

The girls doing what they do best, being cute.

A super cute photo of Jillian milking it.

About this time, Liz, Hana and I were having Scrabble nights and it was helping the time go by with less stress as they made life easier. I also started playing volleyball at the church and fell in love with all the ladies there. It made the time much more easily borne and I believe I was a better mother for having a good place to take out my frustration and have fun doing it. I also was playing basketball when I could with Amber and the guys from church. I realized at this point just how out of shape I was. But they were all still so encouraging and forgiving of my suckiness that it made it easy to keep coming and start improving again. Melissa Watson, Emily Harrington, and Dayna Young, Kim Green, Liz and Hana were also huge lifesavers as they leant their ears and shoulders for me. I was seriously blessed with wonderful sister friends.

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