Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Little Artist

Every week at the Farmer's Market downtown, there is an artist who draws on the street. He is amazing and Monica asked if we could talk to him the last time we were there. We asked him a few questions about how he got so good and how old he was when he started drawing. I expected the normal, "practice makes perfect" response, which is what we tell Monica when she is disappointed in her work, but he said something that stuck with me. 

Not only was art regularly encouraged, but he said his mom sat down and drew with him and his brothers every day. He said she would get huge sheets of butcher paper and then just tape one to the kitchen table and everyone would take a side and draw. Leah likes to draw and color, too. But I'm not sure we can do the whole butcher paper thing just yet. However, we do have a nice-sized patio. And lots of colored chalk. During piano lessons this last week, Monica set to work. Monica has been getting better, for sure, but this drawing was the first time Ryan and I have been really impressed. She has two sides of artsy fartsy in her genes. I'm excited for her! Her skill is really starting to be honed.

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