Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Photos

It's been a tradition over the last four years that we take a family photo when we select our pumpkins. There is something about Fall photos that I love. 
Maybe it's just because they are easier because no one is freezing their tushie off, or burning up. The weather is just asking for you to take a photo. So we kept the tradition alive and have this year's pictures at the pumpkin patch. 

I love this shot that Ryan got of Jill. Look closely in her eyes. You can see a beautiful scene!


Cristine said...

LOVE the one of all of you together! And Monica's hair is getting so long!!!!! I think she and Anya have about the same length hair now. You must LOVE doing her hair!!!! :)

The Whetten Family said...

Anna you are so pretty

emily said...

Cute pics of everyone! Leah looks so big! Like she sprouted over night! Oh, so I guess you'd better get to work on some bows for Julie, since she got her hair cut, she's been asking to wear a bow every day now!

Price Family Adventures!!! said...

Love all your family Pictures you guys look great!!!!