Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer's End

We've been doing a parenting overhaul. As part of our new routine, the girls have to do one hour of R/R: rest or read. So, we got the girls the V. Readers from VTech toys. They are awesome. Some days they use them for the whole hour. Some days Leah brings hers to me after 15-20 minutes and puts herself down for a nap. Some days they don't turn them on and Monica reads out of the Dr. Seuss books. Leah knows "Go, Dog! Go!" and "Put Me in the Zoo" almost by heart because she loves Monica reading to her. And some days they are happy just laying on their beds. One day, Monica heard Jillian before I did and took her into their bedroom for quiet time. When I went to let them know their hour was up, I saw all three of them huddled in the little corner in front of the closet. How could I resist taking a picture? I couldn't. 

Monica came running in the house after a little rain shower telling me to grab my camera. I went out wondering what was up and saw a beautiful rainbow. Monica has become quite the little artist and has a wonderful appreciation for all things beautiful and lovely, no matter how fleeting. She watches the world around her and always finds something to say, "Oh look it! It's so beautiful, Mom! Can we take a picture?" Or, "Can I draw it?" That's my favorite one. 

It was the last weekend before school started. After a fun summer, we asked Monica if she could do one last thing before school started, what would she do? She picked camping. We asked her if she wanted to go to the lake or just in the back yard? Thankfully, she picked the back yard. So Ryan, Monica, and Leah slept in the tent and Jill and I enjoyed the indoor A/C. They loved it! Ryan was a trooper. He had to wake up in the middle of the night to put the rain fly on because they were getting rained on, but apparently the girls slept right through that part. 

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