Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fourth of July- The people

I am so grateful for truly good friends! Ryan and I love to celebrate the 4th and with him working in California for the summer, it was wonderful to have the Harringtons and Soquel over to celebrate the 4th with the girls and me. We BBQ'd, played a bit in the water, watched the fireworks and then did our own sparklers in the backyard.

Mark and May 

Jillian, Me, Soquel, Emily, and Camille

Lays' slogan completely applies to Leah. She can never just have one olive. And they are olives until they make it on her fingers. Then they are "froggie tips". My kids make me laugh!

Kenny was the dual sparkler master. 


Monica's sparkler.


Miss Katie. I had some really cool pictures of her posing with her sparklers but they were too blurry and made my eyes go crossed.  

The girlies.
Camille, Katie, Leah, Emily, and Monica


Cristine said...

LOVE the "Froggie Tips"! :)

becca said...

Spending the 4th with the Harrington's would be fun! I'm glad you all had a good time. Give Em some love from me. I so wish I could get down there...