Sunday, August 23, 2009

President Lewis, President Sowards, and President Wilkinson

I just had to post today because I am really excited about our new Stake Presidency!!! It was a wonderful time to get to sustain a new presidency and express love and appreciation for the outgoing presidency. I'm excited to get to know Presidents Lewis and Wilkinson. But having had President Sowards as both a bishop and branch president before, I'm excited to hear more words of wisdom from a man that has already taught me so much.

TRUE STORY: Before Ryan and I went out on our first date, I was getting my mission papers ready to turn in to go on a mission. After completing my papers, Ryan finally noticed me. And not that I knew at the time that it meant we would get married, but I knew if Ryan ever asked me out on a date that I would not be going on a mission. So when he asked me out for our first date I was conflicted. I felt like I had committed to going on a mission so I asked President Sowards for advice. He kinda looked at me funny when I told him I was conflicted because we hadn't even gone on a date yet! So he told me to go on the date, because it might not turn out the way I thought it would and I would still be ready for a mission. BUT- if it did turn out the way I thought it might, having been ready for a mission made me ready for marriage. And either way was pleasing to Heavenly Father.

So I keep trying to be "mission-ready" to stay "marriage-ready" . :)

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