Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blonde Moments

I seem to be having a lot of blonde moments lately. I'm not sure why. But they are good fodder for laughter, so in the spirit of laughing at myself and being humbled just when I start getting a big head about my 4.0 this semester, here the most recent...

A few months ago we went to the rodeo with Matt and Elisha. Ryan and Elisha started talking about the bulls and wondered if they would have good meat or if it would be too tough. I seriously got momentarily disgusted and blurted out, "Ew! You eat bulls??" Ryan just looked at me and said, "Um, so do you."

Then a couple nights ago we went to the zoo for the Feast with the Beasts. (Pictures to come later when we get our computer with all the pictures working.) After a great night of roaming around and seeing the animals at night, we were walking the covered entryway where the gate is and I had a really stupid thought. This time, I didn't voice it til later and could laugh WITH myself. But as I was walking through the covered gate area, I thought, "Man, I hope it's cooler when we get out!"

Add in tonight's moment and I think I might be losing my grip. We were at Uncle Paul's for Cynthia's 2nd birthday bash and I had put my gift on the table they used last year, but there weren't any other gifts on it. So after about an hour, I decided I needed to put the gift with all the others. Well, I walked inside to try and find the collection of gifts and was searching ALL over. Seriously, the only rooms I didn't check were the bedrooms and bathrooms. But I just couldn't see them. And right as I'm about to vocalize my frustration, I notice that the TV I had been staring at for the last 5 minutes was SURROUNDED by the gifts. Der-der-doo.

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