Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In the Merry Month of May...

I was going through my pictures and found some pictures of posts I was going to post and never did. Since this blog is effectively my journal for my technologically advanced posterity, here is a quick view of May with the Allreds...

I just thought this was cute, of Leah trying to help Daddy! And of course, I had to catch Ryan doing the dishes. It's really not that rare of a happening. He does the dishes more often than me!

We went to Silver City to visit Spencer and Tricia for Dakota's 5th birthday. While we were there, Monica got to go with Sailor to her ballet class. Monica LOVED it!

Just some fun pics of the party. They had a pinata, water balloon fun, cupcake decorating and gifts!

I know, Monica's face looks burned. But 10 minutes and a glass of water got her back to her normal shade. No worries! These girls had a lot more fun together than this picture shows. Monica loves her cousins!

Leah discovered the fun of eating bubbles. And with her hair in a ponytail all day, when I took the elastic out, she had a Leah Lou Who hairdo!

Ryan gave the girls their bath while I did the dishes one night and afterwards Monica came up to me and said, "Look, Mom! I look like you!!" She was so proud. I just have to document these moments for the future when she tells me I ruined her life. At one point, she really did want to be just like me! :)

What's more fun than a spontaneous date night?

Making it a double! Our friends, Kyle and Stephanie Milberger. We saw "Star Trek" together (which I HIGHLY recommend) and then got some ice cream and had some laughs.

On Sunday, May 25, we looked out from the window in the den and saw an incredible, this-picture-does-not-do-it-justice, bright double rainbow! So we all went outside for a few minutes to admire the beauty. I bet if the clouds weren't so dark, you could have seen a third rainbow. It was gorgeous!

For Memorial Day, I dressed the girls in red, white, and blue. This was the best attempt of getting a good picture. I think it turned out pretty well!

With only 5 days left, I have to say this has been a busy and fulfilling month! Ryan and I also started school, and it has been fun to take a class together. I wasn't entirely sure I would like our instructor. He sort of antagonizes the class to provoke thinking. But I am slowly liking his way of teaching. Ryan loves it, even though he hated it at first. This is his second class with Jeff. My other classes are Writing for the Media, Juvenile Delinquency, and Cultural Studies. I am LOVING studying again. And if you're wondering why I am going for an English degree, the plain, simple, honest answer is that I'm doing it for me. I don't plan on having to do anything but expand my own mind, increase my writing skills, and help my children in the future with their papers. I'm doing it because I want my own degree. I want to continue learning. Besides, how can I expect to encourage my own children to further their education after high school, if I never did? AND- something cool I just learned, an interesting tidbit of info- 20-something women who are college-educated, religious, and wealthy are 43% less likely to divorce than their uneducated, agnostic, poor counterparts. I'm doing my part to preserve the sanctity of marriage! Ok, so it's probably not that big a part, but it's a part.


Cristine said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all had an awesome month!

Amanda Farrow said...

Monica reminds me of Angelina Ballerina!!! I love the stuffed animal !!!

Kristen Taylor said...

Busy month! :) I totally need to do what you did and do a recap. I always have so many things I want to post and never do... so good job for doing it!! :)