Saturday, April 25, 2009

If 3 Men Do the Dishes and Anna Isn't Around to Take a Picture, Do They Still Get Credit?

Tonight we were shish kabob arteests. Teriyaki above and BBQ below... YUM!
After some male bonding at the grill...
Ryan, Nick, and Kyle (fr, L-R) DID THE DISHES!!

I was so pleasantly surprised, I had to take a picture for proof!

To quote Emily,

"There's nothing sexier than a man who does the dishes." MAJOR KUDOS to Ryan, Kyle and Nick,
Who did the dishes without being prompted by a wife!


Stephanie said...

Ooo, baby! Men + dishes = sexy! Yeah, I'm a lucky woman! Thanks for the photo proof, Anna! Your kabobs were absolutely delish! Can we do this again soon?!

Stephanie said...

BTW, these are well-trained men. Way to go, Anna and Candice!

emily said...

LOL!! That is awesome! You will have to make those while we are there visiting...the pictures make my mouth water!!