Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Pictures

Since we had to hurry so fast to get ready for church after hunting (inside) for the Easter eggs, I didn't get any cute, matching and ready for church Easter pictures.

I know.

I'm lame.

But these are my favorites from before the getting ready for church frenzy. Monica checking our her Easter basket. Leah was ready to join in the fun. I love it when she greets me with a smile! Leah was all about the real eggs.
And here's one from the day before when we went to the mall. The photographer wouldn't let you take your own picture unless you bought one from her. The cheapest package was $24! We were just going to have Monica talk to the Bunny, but at the last minute decided to splurge. I asked the photographer to take Monica's picture 3 times. I wasn't going to buy one for $24 if it wasn't any good!
I don't think she liked me much.
Why wasn't Leah in the picture, you ask?
She was sloffing.
That's Germanglish for 'sleeping'.
And BTW, my $150 camera took this waaaaay better picture than the photog's fancy-schmancy one.

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Millers! said...

ohhhhhh I HATE that..... everyone is out to get your money! but cute picture!