Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanksgiving-ish Pictures

Maggie and John came into town (my cousin and her fiance) and we got them to come over with Aunty Theresa, Mom and Emily to come over for lunch. Thank you Cristine for your Basil chicken recipe. It's a favorite!

Julie had fun playing in the girls' toy room. She's so cute!

We watched Julie for Emily a couple times and one time she and Monica were having F U N. I finally realized they weren't in the toy room anymore, and went to investigate. They were in the pantry. I asked if they were making messes and Monica laughed and said, "I'm not! Julie is!" And Monica was holding the camera taking pictures of Julie making said mess!!


Millers! said...

Monica is a crack up!

emily said...

I love how encouraging Monica is by taking pictures of Julie making a that's some real cousin love!! What's up with my shirt?? Didn't anyone see how crazy it looks!! Oh least it's not as bad as one Christmas morning picture of someone I know on the stairs!! Ha ha!! I love you. Don't get mad at me!