Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I have a blessed life. And not just blessed, but richly blessed. I received the best Mother's Day gift. After dinner on Friday night, I was told I wasn't to do any cleaning for the rest of the weekend. After dinner, Ryan and the girls cleaned off the table and Ryan did the dishes. The girls have taken their part of the gift seriously. Monica reminded me yesterday and this morning that I wasn't to touch a dish or pick up. Did I remember? 

I was marveling last night, that even though this whole weekend has been about me and showing appreciation for my role in our home, that I feel this loved and appreciation on a day to day basis. Maybe that will change when schedules get busier, but for this Mother's Day, I don't feel a marked difference because I already feel so loved and acknowledged. I'm thankful for that. For the love of a good man who brings out the best in me and is supportive. For the love of precious children who are eager to please and who treasure my hugs and affection.

I'm also grateful for my mothers, all those who have loved and served me. I have a truly blessed life.

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