Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Naughty Girl

So last week Monica gave me a run for my money. She wasn't necessarily being more naughty than usual, she just expressed it in ways that were more unusual. Such as drawing with DRY ERASE MARKER that does not come off walls easy AT ALL!

She came into my room with marker all over her hands. ( I will never go to the bathroom in peace again!) So I asked her if she colored on anything else and she was very honest. She told me upfront that she colored on the doors, on the wall, and on her "stoos". I didn't know what that meant until I went into the nursery and saw both stools covered in purple. So I was MAD! She's colored with dry erase marker before and it did not come off the wall easily. In fact, I went through 4 magic erasers to get a couple tiny streaks off the wall.

But then, I saw what she had the untrained eye, it would appear that it was all just scribbles, but I had to try not to laugh because they were Monica's smiley faces on everything!

I will admit, when I saw how much she colored on the wall I was pretty upset. We scrubbed and went through two magic erasers on the wall before I finally gave up. Ryan is going to paint over it for me. But if you look closely, you can see the round face, the eyes and smiles.

Luckily it came off easily from the doors and stools. After a lengthy timeout, and a good talking to about why we only color on paper, you would have thought she learned her lesson. (And you would have thought I would have learned mine!) But the very next morning, she woke and found a pen on the desk and this time scribbled ALL OVER her legs! I didn't get a picture of it, but imagine what it would be like if you could trace every vein and artery and tiny blood vessel in your legs and you would have Monica's legs! Yeah, it was pretty bad.

But on a funny note...(we'll see who actually reads down this far)...Monica came into my room while I was nursing Leah a couple days ago and had a sweater on. I told her it was too hot for a sweater and to go take it off and put on a T-shirt. Very sweetly, she goes, "Ok, Mama, but I have to take off my boobies." And then she proceeds to take off her sweater, under which is one of my nursing bras! So I started giggling a bit and told her to take it off. So I'm thinking she is just going to take it off her neck. But no, there's more! She reaches in the bra and takes out two nursing pads!! So now I am laughing so hard that poor Leah is getting a bonafide milkshake and Monica finally realizes what she did was funny and started laughing too! I tell you what....sleep deprivation can make you lose your sense of humor sometimes, but there are some things that you just can't keep from laughing at!


Conforti Family said...

That booby story is so cute! The writing on the walls and body thing is an every day occasion at our house, she's not even allowed to color on paper anymore, she always manages to sneak away a crayon or marker to her favorite canvas... the walls! So now all she gets is a magna doodle and every marker or pen we have is in the trash or up really high. We lost a lot of our rent deposit because of her. We painted probably about 50 times and power scrubbed the carpets every month. She is a crazy child! Isn't it so fun having having another little baby and especially two little girls, I love it!

MIMA said...

So fun! You have your hands full. I think I would hide the markers on top of the fridge for a few months. Unless you want to encourage the artistic side. You could always cover the walls with butcher paper. :0)

You can tell she is really taking everything in with the booby sweater bit.

I miss that little girl. She is a riot!

Love you so much!

Millers! said...

Too cute, I laughed even the second time you told me the story! I MISS YOU GUYS.. oh I found RT tickets to ALB for 327.00 that isnt too bad.. I am going to try and save money to visit sometime after the beginning of next year.. whatcha think? Love ya!

Chris said...

Kids do the funniest things! :) Bummer about the walls though... stuff like that is gonna drive me crazy, so I am sure Ryan will do it all the time!

Cheryl J. said...

LOL...What a fun time it is being a mom :-) It's fun reading about your family. I hope all is well!

Kris said...

Becareful! I taught Jodi to write on paper once after similar wall drawing experience and she ended up scribbling on a one of a kind family portrait because it was paper!
They are always one step ahead of you!
Mom Kris